Wow a mum using hypnosis to lose weight


Lose weight with hypnosis

This is a real story from

A mother used an free hypnosis app to hypnotise herself into droppping 10 pounds.

Her friends and family couldn’t recognise her !

Nikki Heckels leaving in Wiltshire put on weight during her pregnancydue to her craving for cheese and dairy.

After her pregnancy, the 38 yr old mother moved to Dhabi with her husband Paul in November 2012 and tried to lose weight with the various fad diets and exercise schemes.


Weight Loss Hypnosis App

She went online forum to seek help and accidentally discovered a weight loss hypnosis app from After using for a few months, she began losing weight and she dropped from a size 18 to a size 12.



All her friends and family members could not believe it was her when they had a gathering last Christmas.She was transformed into another person totally. Nikki says she felt like a big fat pig whenever she go. She has lose some weight on her own diet and exercise but it was always yo-yoing.Until she downloaded the hypnosis app from and begin listening to it religiously.MAN…What an amazing hypnosis review ….I am going to try hypnosis on myself. I want more money. I want more girlfriends. I want more luck. Ok you get what I mean.Here are 5 more places to download your hypnosis.


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