The Coming Changes to Internet Service Providers

Irving Johnson

Cheap Internet is about to change completely thanks to new rules and regulations that the FCC have proposed and voted upon. If you’re still looking for cheap Internet, just look here for a listing of DSL providers that are in your area. These companies are soon going to have to change the way they market their services as they will no longer be able to call speeds less than 25Mbs as ‘broadband’ since that will be the new standard the FCC has set for the providers to follow. It will be interested to see whether or not they are going to be so agreeable.

Marketing is everything so if the consumer is looking for broadband and the ISP is unwilling to support speeds 225MBs and beyond they are going to lose out on the customer. Personally, I think it’s more politics at play here and with the incoming change that will see the Internet becoming re-classified under Title II as a telecommunications utility will cause many changes within the entire industry. What everyone is hoping for is increasing the amount of competition in an already stagnant industry that companies such as Comcast and Time Warner have laid their claim to.

I believe this will, in effect, allow for those who lay the cables necessary for digital broadband services to rent out the those cables to other ISPs. In theory this should allow anyone to come in any market and open their doors assuming they are able to afford the cost of renting the cables themselves. This will give consumers plenty of options to choose from, something that many of us have are foaming at the mouth to have. I’m sick of paying Time Warner myself and due to the way the Internet is classified currently, companies such as Google are unable to come to my city but that looks like it’s going to change.

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