Selling More Products by Advertising on Mobile Devices

Irving Johnson

My kids are always playing a bunch of different apps, and it almost seems like apps sometimes go viral among children, even though I have no idea how that would happen. I work for a company that sells a number of different types of kids toys. I am in the marketing department and I am checking out self serve mobile advertising for the possibility of launching a bunch of mobile ads that are directed at apps that are frequently used by children. I need to go to the different marketplaces that are used by different types of devices, and look at the most popular children’s apps in terms of the number of downloads, and then that should help to give me a good idea as to where I need to start when it comes to this.

I intend to help to make a bunch of ads for different apps in this manner, and I think that it should be successful. It is not an idea that I really came up with on my own, but I noticed that other companies were already doing this, when my five year old son kept coming up to me and asking me to buy him things that he saw advertised on the free apps that he plays on his tablet. It is definitely a good idea on the part of the people producing these products, because kids are easily swayed into wanting something, just from seeing a brief commercial. It is kind of ridiculous that I did not think of it sooner though, because after all, this is my job, and I should have noticed that this is kind of an obvious sort of route. But it just became clear to me that you can choose the apps that you advertise your products on and that is cool.

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