Postcard Reminders for My Veterinary Practice

Irving Johnson

Postcard reminders work well for my business. I have a small veterinary practice that relies on my customers coming back for their pet vaccinations and checkups. We do a lot of daily emergency and urgent care, but the routine visits are the bread and butter of my practice. I save money where I can to keep prices low, and I found a place that does postcard printing services to print my reminder cards at a low cost.

I have a lot of customers who prefer email and text messages for reminders, but here in this rural area the majority prefer reminders of their pet vaccination and checkup needs be done using a postcard. They work very well. I chose bright colors on a highly contrasted postcard background so they stand out in the mail the people receive on a daily basis. There is no mistaking my card for something else. A couple of days after I send out reminders I get a lot of calls to schedule an appointment.

They are just standard thickness 4×6 postcards using full bleed printing. I have a special card for reminding of rabies vaccination needs for pets since there is a state law requiring those shots. Sometimes it just takes that little gentle prompting the postcards provide to get people to get their pets in to see me. Of course I do this for a living, but the important thing is that the animals have their healthcare needs attended to in a timely manner.

Owning pets is a big responsibility, and most owners do not intend to neglect veterinary care for their pets. They just forget when the business of daily life happens. A brightly colored postcard reminder works very well to get them to bring in their dogs and cats for their shots and checkups.

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