Our Connection Was Too Slow

Irving Johnson

When a friend and I got our apartment, I had him take care of getting us TV service and Internet service. I took care of the utilities, and we both stocked the cupboards and fridge. I thought that everything was good because it came together so quick. That lasted until our first night, when I went online to play my video games. I am an avid gamer, which my friend knows. He doesn’t play though, so he did not know he had to find high speed Internet services rather than the junk he ended up ordering.

I couldn’t even play that first night because the server was too slow, and I kept timing out. I need a lot of resources when I play, and I knew that I would not be able to take having such a slow connection. I was able to use it to look online though so I could see what our other options were. I wanted to be able to not only play video games but also to watch television shows and videos online too. I watch a lot of game tutorials that come in video form, plus I like to watch music videos and comedies when I am laying in bed at night.

With a slow connection, that is just impossible. The buffering alone takes away from the enjoyment of it, and even my friend was surprised at just how slow the service was. Thankfully, I found a company that was able to provide us with the high speed Internet service that we needed. He called and had the other disconnected the following day, and our new service was connected within days. I am definitely happier now, and I actually think he is too. He’s started gaming with me on the nights we have off together!

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