Keeping Employees of Our Business Safe

Irving Johnson

Our shop has a cashier area that is going to be secured with bullet-resistant glass before we open for business. We deal with cash, and that is always a risk even in the safest of neighborhoods. Sometimes people forget that criminals have cars to travel in as well. We had a construction firm build a counter around a reinforced concrete wall. They also installed a security door that cannot be busted open even with axes and sledgehammers. A place that does custom glass in Somerset County, NJ is installing the bullet-resistant glass in the cashier area. Yes, it is sad to need to take precautions like this, but they are necessary in the world we live in today.

Some businesses play down security needs in order to appear a certain way to customers. We are more concerned about the safety of our employees. We take extra steps to keep them safe. Check cashing is part of our business, and keeping our employees safe is also part of it. We have had some employees of other firms apply to work for us because they indicate they will feel safer at one of our locations. When you are building or remodeling a retail space, it does not take that much more to make it safer for employees. It pays for itself in the long run. The safety measures also cut down on the risk of crimes. With no access to the cash, the smash and grab criminals and ones who try to use weapons to threaten do not get anywhere.

We make sure to get bullet-resistant glass from the place that does custom glass in Somerset County, NJ that can withstand even rifles and other higher caliber weapons. It is an extra safety measure we feel is very much worth taking to protect our employees from harm.

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