Internet Service for Watching Shows

Irving Johnson

When I moved to Bristol, I knew that I was going to have to get used to a lot of things. It was the first time I had ever been on my own, so there were a few things that I was unsure of. One of those things was which Internet service provider to go with since there are so many different companies offering this service in the area. I wanted to be able to have a quick service that could handle a lot of videos, which is why I looked at Frontier for Bristol CT residents.

My new neighbor, who just happens to be single and very cute, told me that is who he uses, and he even told me the website to go to in order to get more information. I was able to look at this with my phone, since I do have Internet on it. I didn’t want to always have to rely on my phone though, because I like watching streaming movies and shows on my laptop at night. I was really happy with everything that I saw on the website, and I saw where I would be able to save even more if I bundled some services together.

I had not thought about getting television programming at home, but I realized that it might make life just a bit easier for me since I do like to watch a lot of programs. I would not be paying a lot more, and that meant I would be able to watch shows on my big screen TV. I had been using it just for DVDs, but I knew I would enjoy watching them on that even more than on my laptop. Who knows, I may even invite my neighbor over to watch a movie with me one night soon!

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