Going for the Cheapest Windows VPS is Actually the Right Choice

Irving Johnson

My business was growing but that did not mean we could put out a fortune in hardware upgrades. I took a lesson from a couple of big companies I had worked for in the past. One had over 500 employees and did not own anything. They rented all of their physical facilities and leased a fleet of vans for transportation of clients they provided care for. Another company had 2,000 employees working in a call center. They leased the building and even the computers. This is why I looked for the cheapest Windows VPS hosting company I could find.

I wanted cheap, but I also demanded quality. There are a lot of VPS hosts out there that offer different levels of service and different levels of hardware. I found a newer company that was becoming quite the competitor of the older ones out there. They provided all of the equipment upgrades and even moving our server during real time was not an issue. It all depended on the load we were putting on the system and it was all handled transparently to us and our customers. Everything from our payroll files to our Internet and intranet domains were hosted on that VPS system we paid for.

We were just big enough to need the computing power, but still small enough that we had to go for the cheapest Windows VPS host we could find right now. At least one that was both inexpensive and offered great quality. Yes, I should say inexpensive instead of cheap. That is a much better word to use for the service we have for our virtual private server. I actually expect us to need a dedicated server before summer next year. We will probably stick with the same host since we have no complaints about their wonderful service.

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