Get the Fastest Internet Speeds Available

Irving Johnson

I only had dial up internet connection at my home for many years, and never really thought about how slow the connection was. That is until I got a new job and I had to travel to Florida for training. The office had a very fast DSL connection and it made me very curious about getting it in my home. I went online to find a good deal. I did a Google search for Washington DSL internet. I thought it would be a big step up for me to get rid of the dial up connection.

When I found your website I was so excited to see all of the offers for DSL services in my area. So I called and had the installer come out to my home. I was not only able to get a great deal on DSL but I also got an even better deal on cable TV too. I was at the end of my current contract with a satellite company so I had planned on finding a better deal for my TV too. The current TV package I have didn’t offer near as many channels as I could get with cable TV.

Now thanks to your website I have a great internet connection and lots more HD channels to watch my favorite TV shows and movies on. This Christmas since I had a great internet connection I decided to splurge on myself and I bought a smart HDTV that has wireless internet and all of the perks. I love it. I would never even think about going back to dial up internet, let alone going back to satellite TV. I finally feel that I have stepped into the 21st century. Another perk about having high speed internet at home is, I am able to work from home two days a week.

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