Finding the Best Apartment in the Boston Area Just Got Better

Irving Johnson

You know what my favorite thing about our new apartment is in Massachusetts? It is smoke free! I do not have to pass people in the courtyard or anywhere on the property who are smoking. The rest of the amenities are incredible, but my sensitivities to smoke make this a great place for us to live. I remember when we found the Revere Apartments for rent ad. I honed in on that smoke free part right away. It is just tobacco smoke that gets me. I actually like the fire pit that is on the grounds. It is a fun place to gather. A whiff of wood smoke does not bother me at all.

Of course, though, we didn’t pick the place just because of not having to smell cigarette smoke. We picked it because it is across the street from three miles of beach. We picked it because they have a dog walk and groom room. We picked it because there are ocean views. That is just a sampling of what is outside. Inside our apartment is like a dream come true for us. We have quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances. We have really big windows and nice walk-in closets. All of that plus a whole lot more in an apartment! Some people do not have what we have in a full size home!

We should have decided to check this place out much earlier. I have always hesitated getting in on the ground floor of an opportunity. I want people to test it out ahead of me and then read how they review it. Well, this time we did not wait. It is a good thing too, because there are only so many units with private balconies. This is also our first apartment that has a washer and dryer in the unit. That is an incredibly nice feature.

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