Establishing a Better Model for Customer Service

Irving Johnson

I’m glad to have a company like Dish Cable as my cable provider. I’ve had three separate companies in the past and each of them were beyond terrible. I can’t even begin to describe the number of issues that I had with each of them which is kind of mind blowing considering that they all shared similar problems. In this case it is sort of telling what the problem might be considering that each of these three companies are actually the largest in the nation holding the highest number of customers, two of which have millions of them on their own in multiple states.

It makes you wonder how companies like this one are capable of operating at all when the services that they provide are in high demand see a great deal of use which is no doubt putting a huge strain on their infrastructure. Heck their infrastructures are not even that well kept and haven’t seen any kind of upgrade in at least a decade of us except for Verizon who has been working on introducing FiOS to some of their areas. Unfortunately this is a rather expensive service that is out of reach for most people including myself.

If I could afford FiOS I would be all over it. I’ll stick with Dish for the time being mostly due to the fact that the customer service experience has been pretty awesome. Every time that I have called them for help for something they have been nothing but great to me, solving my problem within the time frame that they’ve given me if not the same day that I called. I can’t say the same happened with Comcast nor Time Warner but maybe they’re just too big now, maybe they can’t handle the number of customers that they have to handle.

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