Better Apartment Living at 101 Elwood

Irving Johnson

Baltimore is close enough to the Beltway to have developers make some really nice living spaces. The apartment choices in the Baltimore area are really being bumped up in quality. We took a look at what was available at 101 Ellwood. The lofts there were reminiscent of New York apartments in converted industrial spaces only nicer. This place has it all. Their outdoor spaces are just the ticket when you need a place to retreat to outdoors. They are great for walking the dog or just strolling along enjoying the sunshine with the love of your life. If you do have a dog, the apartments have a pet washing station. I never heard of that before, but it is a really neat idea.

Another nice thing is that they accept big dogs and little dogs. We are pet people. We think they are great to have as part of the family. They enrich our lives so much. Who doesn’t brighten up at the antics of a playful puppy or kitten? Those little furballs endear themselves into our lives on a very deep level. I am glad that housing developers are finally getting on board with providing living spaces for people and their pets without having to buy their own individual homes. It used to be a nightmare trying to rent if you had a large dog or even two little ones.

I guess they are seeing that a lot of higher income people prefer to have pets, and landlords wanting the business of these income earners needed to provide spaces to lease that accept pets. We are really enjoying our loft apartment at 101 Elwood. The granite countertops and open space floor plan is so refreshing to see in an apartment. I like big windows that bring in plenty of light, and we have that here. The pups lounge on the floor in the sunshine. We join them sometimes!

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