Apartments Are Now Allowing More Tenants with Pets

Irving Johnson

I think more people today have a dog or cat than I have ever seen before. However, that sometimes makes getting an apartment tougher. Well, it used to anyway. Now apartment builders and managements are realizing that pet owners are growing in their responsibility, and that they are missing out by not allowing pets. Pet owners are often very responsible making them ideal tenants. I found some really nice apartments in Columbia South Carolina that let you have a dog or cat. There are some fees involved, but it is expected since not everyone who moves into an apartment is a pet person.

The fees usually involve a non-refundable payment that would likely cover the costs of cleaning out any damage left behind when you leave. You might be a spotless kind of person with your pet, but the new tenant would not be happy to find the errant dog or cat hair. And you know that no matter how much you vacuum, you never get them all. Also, just like you would have to pay extra on the monthly lease to have another person live in your apartment with you, there is often a small monthly fee for having a pet. Again, this is a cost covering measure. The apartments in Columbia South Carolina that I found have a small monthly rental cost to keep a pet.

I have no problem at all paying the few extra bucks per month to keep my dog. I joke in that he owes me for the rent to keep his furry butt every month. I do not see it as burdensome but rather a privilege. Pets enrich our lives so much, and today’s pet owners realize that it costs to take care of them and provide for them. We buy them premium food, toys, sometimes even clothes and we pay for their healthcare out of our own pockets. I am very happy to have such a nice apartment to live in with my dog. I do not mind the couple of extra bucks it costs me in rent each month to have him with me.

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