A Routine Tree Pruning Reveals Unsafe Trees in Danger of Falling Down

Irving Johnson

Every year we plant new flowers, mulch around the ornamental plants, reseed thin areas in the lawn and do general maintenance outdoors. We are always trimming and cutting the grass to keep it nice. We had not done anything with the trees other than rake the leaves for about three years. Those small trees were now growing big. They needed pruned to control their shape and growth so we called a place that does tree pruning in Brooklyn NY to come out and do the job.

I am okay on a small ladder of about six feet in height. I am not fond of climbing higher than that. Our fast growing trees that we planted when we moved here were now above what I could reach with a stepladder. Not so huge that the tree pruners would need to use ropes and stuff to climb them, but they were getting big. I was a bit concerned seeing the actual trimming, but I was pleased with the results.

As the guy with the trimmer worked his way around each tree I watched them lose symmetry only to have it regained and looking better after he got all the way around each tree. I could not figure out how he could keep track of what he was cutting to make it look so rounded by the time he was done. The trimmed trees look very manicured now. Their wildness was taking away from the rest of the look of the yard. This was definitely an improvement.

He inspected each tree as he went along. The tallest two trees were there when we moved in. He found extensive rot in the main branch of one of the trees. He drilled a couple of core samples in both trees. Both were extensively rotted from the inside. They looked normal and healthy on the outside. We had those two trees cut down because they could fall on our house or us for that matter. We would not have known they were rotten except we had a diligent arborist that does his job well.

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