A review on hypnosis download from Michael Jemery


This is a review from my friend on how hypnosis has helped her mother.

I decided to post here to share with the readers.


I have an aging and ailing mother. She is suffering from panic attacks and have problems controlling her breath.

She is also on the route to Alzheimer and  the doctors prescribed Diaze-pam for her. From what I heard, this is an anti-psychotic and not suitable for long term dosage.

We rejected the western drug option.

I was frantically looking for alternative solution until I google hypnosis.

The first site I saw was MichaelJemery.com

I went straight to the hypnosis app section to see if I could find anything on anxiety or mp3 for old people.

Downloaded the Anxiety hypnosis track for my mother and she love it straight away. She listened to the hypnosis track all day long.

Whenever she felt anxious, she would hook up her earphones and listen to the anxiety hypnosis track.

I began to see changes to my mother after 3 days. She was starting to sleep properly. No longer will she complain about her life and my neighbours ! (What a relief)

We haven’t use the medicine for 2 weeks now. She say she didn’t feel like it.

So far, things are looking great considering there is zero side effects to her recovery (fingers crossed).

I hope she gets better the more she listen to the hypnosis. I am going to download more tracks for her once we get her anxiety gone. Maybe she can reverse aging with hypnosis.

Beside sharing a review on Michael Jemery Hypnosis Site, I hope that more people will use hypnosis to solve their problems in life. There is something magical about talking to your higher-self.

I have also downloaded a weight loss hypnosis track to deal with my obesity. I will update here once I get results.

It is so easy to download tracks and listen during your free time. I have seen so many hypnosis track that is dealing with the common ailments of modern society.

Hopefully, my story helps you to understand more on hypnosis.

If you need more places to download hypnosis.

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