How I Knew It Was Time to Switch to Reliant Energy in Texas

Irving Johnson

I had my monthly bills laying out on the kitchen counter at our home when my mother came over to visit. My mother is nosy. There is no getting around that. I mean, if I was at her house and she had documents sitting on the table, I would not look through them. However, my mother is there holding the electric bill in her hand when in an elevated voice she says, "You pay too much for electricity." Normally it aggravates me to no end when she does that. However, her next words were about reliant energy in texas.

I had heard about them, but I never bothered to look into the capability we have her as residents of Texas to switch our electricity suppliers whenever we want to. I thought that since it was electricity that the prices were all pretty much the same from supplier to supplier. Wow, I was wrong! My mom is old school. I pay things online, she mails in her bill payments with checks. She had not been to the Post Office yet, so she got in her purse and pulled out a bunch of envelopes that were not sealed yet. One of them was her electric bill.

Her and dad's house is bigger than the house my wife and I have. A lot bigger actually. She showed me their electric bill and it was not that much higher than ours. She pointed out that it included all the tools dad runs in the garage, the pump for the pool and the hot tub they have. Plus, they like to keep their house cold, so the air conditioner is always running. I could not understand how they were only paying a little more than us when we actually did our best to conserve electricity. When I looked at the price they were paying per kilowatt hour, that was when I knew. We were paying a lot more for electricity per kilowatt hour than they were. Yes, it was time to switch!