I Just Wanted a Swimming Pool at Our New Apartment but Got So Much More

Irving Johnson

My wife and I had been checking the newspapers, the real estate periodicals and websites looking at apartments that were for rent. We wanted to lease a nice place to live. We were really tired of living where we were at. It had changed so much since we moved in just about a year ago. Our place was okay, but it was not extraordinary. We wanted to live in a place that had a lot more amenities for the money we were being charged for the lease. One thing, for starters, is that we really wanted a nice swimming pool.

I grew up with a pool in our backyard. It is one of my main forms of exercise. I swim every chance I get. When I was in high school, I swam every day in our back yard in that big in ground pool we had. When I went to college, I swam in the pool at the college. When I got married and we moved into an apartment, I could only swim when we went to her parents or mine. There was not even a decent public pool close by to us. When we were looking at apartments my wife wanted different things and I just wanted the pool.

I got the pool, but I also got a whole lot more. This place is really nice. We liked living here from the first five minutes we moved in. We chose to sleep on the floor in the living room until we got all of our furniture moved out. We stayed the same night we signed the lease. We did not even have a toothbrush with us! It has been a fun and rewarding experience from the first day. I am so glad we moved here. It is much better than the apartment we moved out of.